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Post by Gaupeloff on Wed 16 Apr - 22:50

Hello everyone.

We have a "development server" running NutScript set up now. It basically functions as a subsection between downloading and setting up the gamemode and a working, paid server.

We'll be configuring and testing out the gamemode, along with plugins on said server, which will save us alot of time when we get a server-box and go online.

The development server differs from a paid server only by that it's a DS hosted on my computer at home, something which means that it'll only be up when I have it running. The good thing though, is that testing out new things will be much easier as we don't have to upload the content to a database, something that saves a tremendous amount of time.

If you do decide to join the development server (when it's on), don't expect alot of roleplaying, as the staff will be occupied with testing and configuring, which I mentioned earlier on.

If you have any more questions, send me a message over Steam.

IP: UPDATE: Since my internet company is retarded, portforwarding the shitty router-modem-PVR combination box they gave me is nearly impossible. If you really want to join the server, you'll have to join the Hamachi network.

Hamachi Info:

Network ID: WolfieRP

Network Password: sausagefest

Server IP:


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I can't remember how I got here


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